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Finished Silver Jewellery

Our silver jewellery collections are all made in Italy, with fashionable design and extraordinary workmanship. With sterling silver that meets international standard as base material, we plate our jewellery with precious metal (yellow gold, rose gold and rhodium) and add an additional layer of anti-tarnish protection to make sure the colour stays vivid. 

We assure you that our jewellery is as pretty as those composed of karat gold, simply with lower prices. With sky-rocketed gold price, our silver jewellery collection can help you boost your business. 

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(in Karat Gold, Sterling Silver, Base Metal & more)

Findings refers to jewellery components/parts. Most of the findings we supply are made in Italy and in the USA, with guaranteed excellent quality achieved through more than a century’s manufacturing experience. 

We offer a huge selection of functional and decorative findings, in all sorts of metal, from karat gold to silver, platinum, titanium, stainless steel, brass and more. 

We understand that when it comes to findings, the functionality surely is an important concern. With our findings, you need not worry anymore as we guarantee that your masterpiece will function well. 

If you are experiencing the frustration of not finding what you need to complete your dream design, we are here to help you and will save you from spending hours on searching and sourcing suitable findings. 

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