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3 Reasons Why Silver Jewelry is So Profitable

With state-of-the-art in plating and anti-tarnish technology, silver jewelry can look exactly the same as karat gold jewelry, only with better value.

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1. Higher profit margin

In 2020, gold price reached all time high at over $2000/oz. 

With skyrocketed gold price (80x of silver price), silver jewelry is obviously an alternative with better value as it offers the exact same look as gold, just lower in price. 

When people buy jewelry, the satisfaction comes from the design, workmanship and the aesthetic value, it doesn't make much sense to pay a lot of money only for the metal value.

2. More fashionable 

The application of silver fully utilises creativity. 

Due to the all-time high price of gold, designs are very often limited by material cost, with silver, many more beautiful designs can be realised without limitation.

Silver jewelry can be more trendy, and it is more affordable. Consumers get extra satisfaction by being a smart spender, get the same extravagant look with much less money.

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3. Boost sales of existing inventory 

Refresh your collection by adding trendy sterling silver jewelry. 

In today's economic situation, silver jewelry sells much faster than gold and it also allows you to command a much higher margin.

Why not try adding some new items to your existing collection? Many of our customers rejuvenate their dead stock just by renewing their collection. 

Silver jewelry can also be a secret aid to selling. A silver chain would make a perfect compliment upon sales of your big ticket item, ie. a diamond pendant. 

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Ultra resistant 

Our special anti-tarnish plating makes our product water and sweat resistant - you don't need to take your jewelries off anymore!

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Ready stock, no MOQ

We DON'T ask for a minimum order quantity, that means you can freely mix-n-match and create your own collection. 

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Global delivery 

We are based in Hong Kong, and we ship everywhere on earth, with your preferred courier.

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Experienced seller 

With more than 20 years in the industry, we can help your business grow.
You're also very welcomed to come and visit us at trade shows!

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