About us

Through trusted partnerships, efficient service, and high-quality products, we enable our customers to maximise the value they bring to market.

We’ve been a leader in the jewellery industry for over twenty years, during which time we’ve grown our business across multiple products - and supported the growth of hundreds of other small businesses across the globe. 

Our core values

Relationships built on trust
Our customers have peace of mind that they’re getting the best value, choice, quality and service time and time again.

Integrity in everything we do
We use only the highest quality metals. We have the most efficient supply chain. We believe in ethical sourcing. And we work with passionate, happy people.

Inspiring and enabling growth
We take a holistic view of customers’ needs to provide them with everything they need to thrive. We don’t stop until we’ve found the solution that gives them the competitive advantage.

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Our approach

Our approach is bespoke and holistic: we use our expertise and industry experience to recommend the best way forward for new and small businesses. We ideate. We explore. We recommend. We create space for businesses to explore, innovate and thrive. With decades of deep industry experience, we intuitively know how to find the best solutions: we help turn stock into sales.

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And we do things differently

Access to bespoke luxury
We bring our customers the latest luxury fashion at affordable prices and the highest quality, with custom-made products or components that suit their needs and supply demands.

Sourcing quality, sustainably
Our factories in Italy and the USA use advanced automation and precision engineering, which creates a quality that customers won’t find anywhere else in Asia. And our focus on sustainability means that our entire supply chain is ethically built.

Scalable inventory
Our stock is always ready. And with short order lead times we make inventory scalable for small businesses. So, customers don’t have to carry the risk of a large inventory, and equally they’ll never run out of stock.

Our head office in HK is by design
We harness the city’s unique energy and incredible efficiency. It sets us in the heart of the action and makes us the perfect connector

How we help

We are an enabler of business growth. As more people across the world become small business owners, we want to support them in their journey and make sure they have quality products at a price that enables them to create value. We want to give them the products that realise their ideas and dreams.

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